About Urartu Travel

Urartu is the name of an ancient Armenian civilization which perhaps derives from Mount Ararat,  “where the morning rises” in the ancient language.

From our office in Rome we look far away, towards the high peaks of Mount Ararat, whose history is told in the age-old walls of Khor Virap, Gheghard and Novarank monasteries.

Magic, enchanted places where the melodies of Sayat Nova are blown in the winds: this is Armenia, the place of our heart and of our life, a place that we have proudly been representing throughout Europe in the last ten years.

Our task is to take the traveller by the hand and show him around the wonderful world called Armenia, but also Uzbekistan, Georgia, Syria, Russia and many other places to discover the most beautiful and hidden corners of these countries, their art, architecture, history, their flavours and scents.

It is our belief that travelling is one of man’s greatest richness. Like the travelling bag of the medieval merchants, it doesn’t contain shiny coins but precious gems: impressions, memories, colours that will leave their footpath for ever in the traveller’s mind and heart.

Our deep knowledge together with our professional skill and experience, has enabled us to enlarge our horizons and to propose wider programs which include also the Baltic States and the Middle East. Specialized agents will be able to meet the needs of every single client , also thanks to the support of our representative offices located in the countries where we operate.

Our travels therefore, will not be focused on  the mere discovery of the countries’ architecture or landscape, but on the chances of meeting different cultures and people, their values and feelings, people that will welcome you with their most precious sign of hospitality: bread and salt.